Imagine a region where life under the extreme poverty line is the norm, where the nearest medical center is over a hundred miles away, where potable water doesn't exist, 34% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, and sun exposure is constant. 

Through ongoing outreach, we provide people living in the Andean region of Peru with a better quality of life.

Using teams of doctors, nurses, dentists, and related professionals, we service immediate healthcare needs. We are also creating a platform for long-term health and productivity by educating the community about nutrition and healthcare and building sorely needed infrastructure.

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Recent News

This article from Somos by El Comerico highlights our October 2015 campaign and the positive impact we're having in Peru.

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March 2017 - Thanks to our volunteers and donors, our October 2016 campaign was a wild success, attending almost twice the patients as previous years as we dispensed over 4900 procedures! 

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Volunteers Needed

We’re looking for qualified medical professionals for our
Oct. 8-14, 2017 campaign: nurses, doctors, dentists, surgeons and more. 

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