Our Vision

We seek an Andean region where poverty has been eradicated and where adequate health care, nutrition and educational systems have been established for the residents of the area, especially its children, so that they can live in healthy and productive communities with dignity and respect.



Our week-long annual medical mission to Peru includes attending to the residents of 9 to 11 Andean towns. In addition to the annual trip, we promote preventive care through ongoing supplements, dental and nutritional supplies. Serious cases that are diagnosed during our campaign are transported to Lima where our volunteered will proceed with further treatment or surgery if needed. Our services include:


Our volunteer medical team attends to children and adults on annually during our October medical mission. The team consists of surgeons, general practitioners, dentists, pediatricians, gynecologists, optometrists, psychologists, podiatrists and ophthalmologists. We have expanded our services to include many types of surgery and basic nutrition. Our long-term plan includes building a medical outpost in an annex to provide year-round medical care to the communities. 



Our team of dentists perform evaluations, cleanings, orthodontics, fluoride treatments, extractions and surgery. We have donated fully-equipped dental chairs and facial Xray equipment to several communities. Every year we also donate toothbrushes and toothpaste in all the communities that we attend. 


Every year, we donate school supplies including backpacks, textbooks, notebooks, and art supplies in several communities, as well as a few computers. As our educational outreach grows, we intend to help train the teachers in the entire region.


In one town, we have helped to construct and maintain a medical outpost that also serves as a community center. We also maintain and upgrade the donated healthcare equipment region-wide.

Our History

Founded in 2009 by a passionate group of people with ties to the Andean region, SOPA has treated over 20,000 individuals to date. 

Soul of the Peruvian Andes, Inc.,(SOPA) was founded in June 2009 in New York City, NY, by a group of business leaders, professionals and community activists. Many of the founding members were born in the State of Huancavelica (in particular the province of Castrovirreyna). During more recent trips to their native regions, it had become apparent that the degree of poverty was increasing greatly. 

Given that this region is incredibly remote and had no other source of aid, they were compelled to take matters in their own hands.

Board members, Officers of SOPA, and volunteers travel to this region once a year, in early October. In 2018 our team consisted of 58 volunteers – of which 45 were health professionals – doctors, dentists, nurses, obstetricians, optometrists, psychologists, nutritionists, podiatrist and others. In addition SOPA volunteers in 2018 performed two mini-campaigns: In a small town in the state of Junin and the second in an annex in the province of Pisco.

SOPA has expanded its services in the last four years to include ongoing medical/dental care throughout the year to the most serious cases. Many of these patients need surgery and follow-up treatment in Lima where we find the facilities, surgeons and supporting volunteers.

With the donations we have collected to date, SOPA has been able to purchase medical equipment such as 6 dental chair, an x-ray machine, medicine, vitamins and school supplies.  These items have helped to establish an infrastructure that we are able to leverage and improve the quality of care we are able to provide.

Our long-term plan includes building a medical post in an annex, where we will be able to provide annual medical care to the community, not only in October, but throughout the year.



Board of Directors

Luis A. Rebatta, Chairman of the Board
Gabriel Garcia, MD.President and Member of the Board
Neil Conroy, Member of the Board
Philip Daniele, Member of the Board
Yvonne Greenwood, Esq., Member of the Board
Armin P. Rebatta, Member of the Board
Jennifer Viant, Member of the Board
Jaime D. Ambia, Member of the Board
Ricki Flores, Member of the Board
Timothy Carey, Member of the Board
Matthew Thornton, Member of the Board
Jacqueline Rebatta, Corporate Secretary
Alfonso H. Rebatta, Treasurer