2016 Campaign Results

As you know, for the last seven years we have been visiting the capital of the province of Castrovirreyna and districts in the State of Huancavelica with medical doctors and other professionals to provide medical care to children and adults. This state and province is considered by the government as the poorest in all of the country. They have no clean water, sewer, or heat.  42% of the children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition. The per capita income is below $ 1.50 per day.

We are happy to inform you that our most recent medical campaign, October 8-14, 2016, was our best yet. We attended 3,800 patients throughout nine communities.

Your generous donation has allowed us to organize these health missions, which have grown exponentially each year. In response to the demand, our number of volunteers has increased from 12 in 2009 to 68 in 2015 — of which 45 were health professionals. These professionals specialized in areas like dentistry, pediatrics, podiatrist, general medicine, obstetrics, alternative medicine, psychology, optometrist, surgery, cardiology and nutrition.

42% of children under 5 years old living in Huancavelica have chronic malnutrition. Three years ago the figure was 63%.

2,842 was the total number of patients attended during the campaign October 8 to the 14th.

Dental and ophthalmological   services were the most in demand.

48 health professionals participated in the campaign.

1 surgeon, 5 general practitioners,
1 emergency medicine specialist, 1 pediatrician,
3 obstetricians, 12 dentists, 7 nurses, 
11 psychologists, 3 optometrists,
and 4 nutritionists.

400 people visited the ophthalmologists for the first time.

The patients received 375 prescription glasses and 50 sunglasses.

For the first time ever we brought a portable EKG machine, donated to us by one of our directors, plus an Ultrasound machine, borrowed by one of our volunteers from a major Hospital in New York City. These machines were so beneficial to these areas where such equipment is nonexistent.

Furthermore, we found 15 to 20 cases that will require further treatment and/or surgery. 

Most of these patients will be transported to Lima, where our volunteers and representatives will find the Doctors and Hospitals for their respective examination and eventual operation. We will provide the patients with funds to cover their expenses such as transportation, housing, food and incidentals.

For example, during the most recent health campaign our Cardiologist discovered a six year old girl who presented with a heart defect. She recommended that the patient be brought to Lima and upon further examination the young girl was diagnosed with persistent ductus arteriosum. An open heart surgery was successfully performed on November 24th. She was released from the Hospital on December 3rd and is now recovering in Lima. She will be returning to her home town in the Andes shortly. She's a beautiful child with a new chance at life.

We have so many more patients that require further treatment, ranging from precancerous cells to cleft palate to cataracts and hernias, and we are fully committed to seeing each of them through.

But to do that we need your continued help. The success of our campaign rests in your hands. Please note that 100% of your donations are used directly in the health campaign, we have no personnel earning, salary or any other benefits. We are all solely volunteers.