Zulmita de Alta ~ Heart Murmur

Zulma was diagnosed during our 2015 medical campaign by Dr. Telvi Urquizo (a cardiologist) with a life-threatening heart murmur. She was immediately transported to Lima and was put through a series of examinations at a Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed as having (PDA) Persistent Ductus Arteriosum – a defective blood vessel in the heart that often leads to heart failure and other complications.

On November 24, 2015, open heart surgery was performed. She has recovered very well and was released by the Hospital shortly thereafter. After a slow journey home, she is back with her family and friends in Castrovirreyna.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.12.53 AM.png

Tereza Quispe Cabezas ~ 29 years old ~ Emergency Post-Birth Surgery

In 2012, Tereza came to us during our medical campaign in Castrovirreyna after having had a very difficult delivery of her baby. She was severely bleeding. During the birth it seems she had ruptured her uterus, thereby causing massive hemorrhaging. There was no time to transport her to Huancavelica or Ica since both cities are a distance of four hours away. The risk of her not surviving the trip was very high, as the hemorrhaging was very strong. Our volunteer surgeon made the decision to operate immediately. Thankfully the surgery was successful. Mother and child are in good health and currently living in the Andes.


Gean G. Bellido Chambi ~ 4 months old ~ Cleft Palate

This baby boy was born in the Annex of Pacococha to very poor parents with low level of education. Gean was brought to us at one month of age during our health campaign of October 2014. He was diagnosed with cleft palate and lip. In February 2015, at the time of operation, he was four months old. The first surgery was performed to correct his lip, in one year the second surgery will be performed in February of 2016 to correct his palate (gum). His prognosis is excellent, after the second surgery the baby should develop normal like any other child. 


Deysi Ñanez Lozano ~ 26 years old ~ Tumor Removal

Deysi was examined during our campaign in Castrovirreyna and was diagnosed with a tumor formation that completely deformed the shape of her face. In spite of the toll on Deysi's self-esteem and the potential that it could eventually create a more serious condition, her family was too poor to afford treatment. During our 2013 mission, she was operated on by our volunteer surgeon and he was able to successfully remove the tumor formation using a local anesthetic. Now tumor-free, the young lady later said to our surgeon  “now I can look at myself in the mirror”.


Estela A. Cassia Tornero ~ 14 years old ~ Breast Tumor Removal

Estela A. Cassia Tornero was born and resides in an annex Villoco, she is a 14 years old student in a very poor area. She was recently diagnosed with a tumor in her breast. The patient was transported to Lima, after the respective analysis a surgery was performed successfully  and the tumor was found to be benign. Estela is back in her village and attending school.



Fredy Montes Tornero ~ 40 years old ~ Nasal deformation and airway obstruction

Fredy is from the locality of Cruzpata. For the past 10 years, he has been living with a broken and deformed nose. Considering his home is in the Andes at about 4,000 meters, (approx. 12,000ft) above sea level, it has been very trying to have such an airway obstruction. Through SOPA's efforts, he was transported to Lima where he was operated successfully. He has fully recovered and is now leading a normal life, finally free from his disfigurement and difficulty breathing.


Maximo Bravo Trillo ~ 47 years old ~ Back Tumor

Maximo is a native, born and residing in the annex of Cocha. Six years ago, he became aware of a problem with his back, just below the neck. However, a lack of resources and local infrastructure kept him from obtaining treatment. Over the years, the tumor grew into a very distressing and significant size. With the resources provided by SOPA, Maximo was transported to Lima where he went though analysis and surgery. The tumors were not malignant and Maximo has made a full recovery.